Irina Ionescu

Trainer Autorizat in Fotografie @ www.undphotography.ro

Und Photography

Tehnică şi Artă Fotografică cu Trainer Autorizat Irina Ionescu

I want to know people who believe in what I do, who feel something when they look at my photos, who trust me wholeheartedly and want to see their world through my eyes.
This is my truth
I am a wife, a mom and a photographer. I love nature and all this beauty around, that God gave us. I am blessed and i know where my place is. I know all i am, is God’s gift to me.

This is my truth!

Miercuri, 11.10.2023 – 16.30 – 18:00 – Tips & Tricks-uri pentru o poză reușită pentru Social Media cu Trainer Autorizat în Fotografie Irina Ionescu